Saturday, November 27 2021

Some of the 3 minute comments are moving and nervous. Hermanson, in his sports jacket, draws on his experience with public entities across the country. In a calm voice, he raises the classic saw between good and evil, then switches to the jugular.

“You realize that you have been given facts about people injured and dead because of the so-called remedies you are offering,” he told council this summer. “You have been personally warned. If you feel that you personally cannot suffer any consequences for being involved in murder as a result of your actions, I think you had better get legal advice. “

Another night, he argued that he and others gathered behind him, waiting their turn at the microphone, were not outliers.

“We, 40 million Americans at least, now know with an indisputable fact that our country has been attacked by a foreign power and that our institutions, Big Tech and the media, have been infiltrated,” he told the advice and anyone looking online. . “The very authorities you turn to for information are lying to you. Our First Amendment is shredded. The pandemic is one of the most blatant and evil lies. “

In the interview, Hermanson said he has carried out thousands of hours of research over the past year on the coronavirus, which has uncovered a wealth of other findings. He referred to what has been debunked as a conspiracy theory. JP Morgan, the mighty financier and banker of the Golden Age, sunk the Titanic in an elaborate plan to avoid major debt, but it wasn’t really the Titanic. The last presidential election was stolen before our eyes.

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