Saturday, July 2 2022

How often do you train?
Five times a week.

Do you run in the morning or in the evening?
Always in the morning. I’m part of the 5 a.m. club.

“I know that with every race I improve my state of mind, and that’s motivation enough for me.”

Social runner or loner?
Usually solo, but my partner, Tess, is also an avid runner. We often like to race together – and we are very competitive!

Fuel after the race?
A berry protein smoothie that I mix myself.

Have you ever been lost?
Yes several times. While helping to develop Bondi Sands globally, I had the good fortune to travel the world and vividly remember being lost in Stockholm with a dead phone battery. My 30 minute run before dinner turned into a 2.5 hour marathon. The tour was great, though.

What motivates you to run?
A general desire to be better – better as a partner, as a friend, and as a business owner. Every aspect of life can sometimes be difficult. But the mental clarity you gain from running or even walking outdoors can make you feel invincible. I know that with each race I improve my state of mind, and that’s enough motivation for me.

How do you reduce the risk of injury as you age?
I work with a personal trainer who supports my overall strength and conditioning. This is essential to ensure optimal fitness and strength in the event of an injury, which is common in a sport like running, especially in the knees, hips and joints. I won’t need a new hip yet…

Dream running buddy?
Elon Musk, for two reasons. First, to get a glimpse of his incredible growth mindset. And two, he may already have an exercise routine that he uses for mental clarity, but I think he could do with time to take advantage of the high endorphin that comes from running. After all, he seems awfully busy these days.

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