Wednesday, September 14 2022

Due to the confinement imposed for the prevention of the corona virus epidemic, people have had to stay mainly at home for the past two years, which has also affected their health. Started, due to which the demand for fitness trainer also started to increase. If you want to pursue a career in this field, we will tell you important things related to it.

Who are the physical trainers?

If you think that you will go to the gym and start exercising and your health will be fine, you are wrong because you will need a fitness trainer to exercise in the gym. A physical trainer’s job is to instruct and motivate people who come to the gym to achieve their goals. A physical trainer helps and guides people to do physical training.

What qualities should a physical trainer have?

To become a fitness trainer, one must have knowledge of yoga, workouts, and equipment used in the gym. Apart from this, a fitness trainer should also have good knowledge about aerobics, flexibility training, nutrition, body mass index (BMI) and workout equipment. The fitness trainer must know that each person’s body is different, so he must know how to determine the training. and diet plan according to each person’s body.

What is the qualification required to become a physical trainer?

To pursue a career in this field, after passing class 12, you must take a certificate course related to the fitness industry from a recognized institute. If you are interested in training in weightlifting, you can take specific advanced courses in this area. To be successful in the fitness business, you must be dedicated to getting in shape and helping others do the same.

To become a physical trainer, you can study these courses

You can do a bachelor’s degree in physical education to become a fitness trainer. To complete this course, you will need to spend three to four years. Apart from this, you can also take courses related to yoga therapy. This course lasts from one to four years. If you wish, you can also take an 80-hour Instructor Alliance course, which is around two and a half months. In this, after passing the master trainer exam, the trainer certificate is obtained.

You can take fitness trainer courses from these institutes

Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, ThiruvananthapuramIndira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Science, New DelhiAmity School of Physical Education and Sports Science, Noida College of Physical EducationBPCA, Mumbai National Institute of Physical Education Laxmibai College of Physical Education GwaliorChandrashekhar Agashe, PuneVNS College of Physical Education and Management Studies, BhopalJyotiba College of Physical Education, NagpurEshwar Deshmukh College of Physical Education, NagpurUniversity College of Physical Education, Bangalore University, Bangalore

How much can a physical trainer earn on average?

A fitness trainer in India can earn an average of 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees per year. If you want to provide personal training facilities on an hourly basis, you can earn around Rs. 10,000 per hour or even more per month. It also depends on the qualification of the trainer, the results of the exercises performed by him and the city in which he is located.


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