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The United States is sending its best and brightest lifters to the world stage in 2022. On Tuesday, September 13, 2022, Weightlifting in the United States (USAW) released the list of athletes they send to participate in the next International Weightlifting Federation Championships (IWF) World Weightlifting Championships (WWC).

WWC 2022, which kicks off in Colombia’s sprawling capital, Bogotá, on December 5 and runs through December 16, is the most competitive and esteemed annual event in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

In that vein, USAW has amassed a roster of competitive veterans, former Olympians, and up-and-coming newcomers worthy of the Avengers to take Bogotá by storm. Here are the 20 athletes who will compete for the United States:

List of 2022 Team USA World Weightlifting Championships

List of women

The two alternates for the women of the American team weigh 87 kilograms Laura Alexander and 71 kilograms Meredith Alwine. USAW notes that Alwine, who won the 2021 WWC, fell just short of the fiercely competitive battle to represent states in her class.

The IWF prohibits any country from entering more than two athletes in a given weight class at Worlds.

List of men

For men, 89 kilograms Derek Beauchamp and 67 kilograms Matthew McCullough will serve as reserve substitutes in the event that one of the registered athletes should withdraw.

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Notably, the men’s roster for WWC 2022 does not contain any athletes in the heavyweight or super heavyweight divisions. Team USA has chosen to send competitors to Worlds in these categories for the past 24 years.

The best in the United States

America’s 2022 roster for Worlds is among the most accomplished from the United States in history. The United States is sending four former world medalists to compete in Colombia (Rogers, Robles, Reeves and Vibert), the highest number in nearly 20 years.

Rogers is the most decorated athlete on the list, with 10 senior world medals to her name since the competition was held in Anaheim, California, in 2017. She will be joined by several of her teammates from the Tokyo Olympics , including 71-kilogram silver medalist Vibert, who recently had to withdraw from the 2022 Pan American Championships due to a meniscus injury.

Cummings Jr. of 81 kilograms and Kitts of 102 kilograms, Tokyo Olympians themselves, will also compete in their first IWF event since the Games.

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However, the young athletes debuting for the first time in Bogotá are just as fierce as their more established teammates. Reichardt, who weighs 49 kilograms, has already recorded five World Junior and Junior Championship appearances and is more than ready to bring that competitive freshness to the senior stage.

On the men’s side, Grimsland, who weighs 73 kilos for the first time, has worked hard to prepare for the Worlds. He recently broke a split jerk of 210 kilos in training, two kilos more than the current clean and jerk world record of 81 kilos held by Bulgarian Karlos Nasar.

The 61-kilogram Morris, himself a multiple world record holder, also cleaned and trashed 163 kilograms in the gym, one kilo ahead of his own junior world record. And he did it for two rehearsals.

Many other athletes on the worlds roster have achieved comparable feats of strength over the year and, perhaps most remarkably, 19 of the 20 have already won a world-level medal.

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Between the composure of those who have already seen many Worlds and the fiery uplift of some of the brightest rising stars in the United States, the composition of the American team for WWC 2022 will surely be a threat to the podium in december.

The Way to Paris

WWC 2022 is more than just an opportunity to find out who the best weightlifters in the world are this year. The event also officially kicks off the qualification cycle for the upcoming Olympics in 2024.

Bogotá is the first of seven critical competitions for Parisian hopefuls. Those wishing to compete for a place in the Games can claim their right by recording the highest total (the sum of the athlete’s best snatch and clean & jerk) possible.

The stakes are higher than ever for American lifters in Colombia this year. Judging by their stories, however, they’ll have no problem rising to the occasion.

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