Sunday, August 14 2022

Marijana Radovic and Marco Bonelli, founders of Milanese architectural firm M2 Atelier, say these machines have opened up new design possibilities. “Fortunately, the gym equipment is now beautifully designed and pleasing to the eye,” they explain in an email to AD PRO. “Because of their chic design and value proposition, we often position these products in highly visible areas of a residence.”

Technology has played a big role in expanding the catalog of avant-garde design gyms. There’s the rage for interactive workout streaming devices like Mirror, Tonal and Tempo, smart spin bikes from Peloton and SoulCycle, and connected rowers made by Hydrow and Ergatta. There are also some nice status items like the Louis Vuitton dumbbells, the Fuoripista stationary bike by Elite, the Home Gym kit by Lumiere and the leather hand weights by Hock.

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Technogym, the Italian manufacturer of high-end exercise equipment, launched in 2018 a collection of beautiful exercise equipment designed by Italian modernist architect Antonio Citerrio. in particular, are conversation starters that will enhance a home fitness space, but also wouldn’t look out of place in the living room. For Dior die-hards, Technogym has also launched a branded treadmill, exercise bench and balance ball, and all of them will be available next month. Nerio Alessandri, president of Technogym, says the collaboration with the French luxury brand evokes the emphasis on performance and aesthetics.

Beyond the manufacture of the equipment, the company is also interested in the spaces that house its machines. They’ve transformed their sprawling headquarters in Italy’s Emilie-Romane region into something of an idyllic fitness theme park where balance balls and exercise bikes count as seating options in meeting rooms and lobbies. . “Our core philosophy is to combine design, attention to detail and elegant products to add an extra touch to interior design and create a space that balances physical and mental health,” said Alessandri. He also adds that he believes that the right equipment and the right interiors can lead to a more engaged training.

The Technogym and Christian Dior collaboration will be available in January 2022.

Radovic and Bonelli echo his thoughts. For a project in Cannes, for example, the duo designed a lounge-style home gym where people can get together, read a book, or throw a small party. They placed exercise equipment near natural light sources and wedged them like sculptures that “call to be used or are the subject of a conversation with friends.”

These innovations are timely for the emergence of a $ 1.5 trillion wellness industry during the pandemic. In a recent McKinsey poll, nearly 80% of people said wellness is important in their lives, and over 40% rank it as a top priority. And, in the post-Omicron future, when people start flocking to public gyms again, Technogym is betting the lockdown has instilled a broader understanding of the value of physical activity. “We believe in the hybrid approach,” says Alessandri. “In the future, people will train both in the comfort of their homes and in the gym when they want to socialize, meet other people or participate in programs led by professional coaches.


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