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You can’t always get to the course when you want to play golf. When you’re just learning, you may even feel embarrassed playing in front of other golfers, even though everyone has to start somewhere. Golf is a tough game with a steep learning curve and a lot to think about with every swing, but there’s a way to get help without shelling out for an expensive personal trainer. TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator lets you learn, practice or just play golf virtually anywhere you want, and during our Deal Days promotion, it’s on sale for $189 (Reg. $229) without a coupon.

TruGolf is a swing and hit when it comes to playing golf wherever you want. Paired with the E6 Connect software, you can get comprehensive detailed analytics for every swing you take. Get feedback on your club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, club trajectory and more! This is the kind of analysis that helps professional golfers adapt their gameso use it wisely.

If you want to practice or play a serious game golf, TruGolf gives you access to 97 different courses and mini-games. For serious games, play on a traditional course. Use the E6 analysis and post-swing analyzer to improve. For a lighter session try one of the mini golf games which could be a big hit with the family even if they are not golfers. Play carnival games of golf, demolition mode or even battleships!

TruGolf is a great gift for golfers of all skill levels. One reviewer even picked it up for her kid: “Gave it to my son for Christmas. He likes that! Best buy ever! He played there with his father and they played there for hours. As they say “it’s not a video game…it’s like playing on a real course!”

Enjoy a relaxing day on the links without leaving your living room. During our Deal Day promotion, you can get TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator on sale for $189 (Reg. $229) with no coupon code needed.

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