Saturday, July 2 2022

Michael Phelps is one of the most recognized athletes on the planet and is virtually unmistakable, but the winner of more than 23 Olympic gold medals himself said he was mistaken for the former New York Giants strategist Eli Manning.

Unfortunately for him, the NFL world doesn’t seem to have been aware of his Olympic success. As a result, he was mistaken several times for a particular NFL player.

Phleps publishes on the networks that he was confused with Eli Manning

Former NFL quarterback Eli Manning recently tweeted that he is often confused with Phelps. He said it had happened to him five times already.

“I wonder if Michael Phelps feels as much about me as I take myself for him‘, Manning tweeted. ‘I just got number 5.’

Phelps took to Twitter shortly after to confirm he was. All the time, in fact.

“Every day!!!” Phelps tweeted. “They wonder about your brothers and your father.”

Social media responses to Michael Phelps

“Hahaha, imagine: “Are you Two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning?” “No I am 23 times Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps,” one fan wrote.

“You need to collaborate one day and knock the internet out of its mind,” another wrote.

Eli Manning vs Michael Phelps

Eli Manning and Michael Phelps are both sports icons. Although Phelps has achieved his accomplishments on the world stage, he should probably be the most recognizable of two to the average joe.

But it would be funny if they ever tried to prank people about their similar looks.

A very clear lesson that success and popularity are not always the same thing, the only good thing for Phelps is that in addition to his success at the Olympics, people believe he was the same person who was the only one capable of defeating Tom Brady in multiple Super Bowlss.


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