Saturday, November 27 2021
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ROCKLAND – Superintendent Alan Cron and Rogers College Principal Cheryl Schipper are pleased to announce that college students were treated to a special virtual event last week.

Jesse Green practically arrived at Rockland Middle School on Friday September 17th to deliver a motivational speech to the students, encouraging them to always pursue their dreams.

Green is known for his television appearances on National Geographic, ESPN, Boston 25 News and WCVB’s Chronicle, to name a few.

A well-known Master Chainsaw Carver, he uses his own personal experiences to express to students that if you focus on one thing you can accomplish anything and people should never let doubts get in the way of their goals.

Green’s hands-on speech allowed students to incorporate their own personal beliefs and feelings into the presentation, although it was done virtually. To do this, he asked the students to each create a “LIVE YOUR DREAMS TOP-10 MUST-DO’S” list. Some of the activities on the list included expressing long-term goals by writing them down, setting visual goals for yourself each day, and not giving up when life gets frustrating.

“The resilience and the idea of ​​’striving until you flourish’ that Jesse is implanting in the minds of students is especially important today, given all that we have been through and how much it has been. is important to hear these messages, “said director Schipper. “He has a way with his enthusiasm and authentic belief system that makes students want to see their own dreams become a future reality for themselves.”

The presentation was made possible by the Rockland Cultural Council.

About Jesse Green

Green, an honorary doctor of arts from Keene State College and a bachelor of fine arts in sculpture from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, has traveled the United States for the past 14 years presenting speeches and making sculptures . To learn more about him and his speeches, visit his website here.


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