Thursday, January 6 2022

Founder and CEO of KANDOR, Rinkal Shukla is a highly accomplished and renowned public speaking coach, leadership trainer and speaker. She has delivered results-oriented training based on her extensive 12-year experience in a wide range of industries, such as real estate, banking, entertainment and media, manufacturing, IT, large-scale products. consumer, pharmaceuticals and schools B. Rinkal has organized countless workshops on public speaking, leadership and management, presentation skills, communication skills, team building, delegation of tasks, sales training and time management. She has lectured extensively on investing and finance, self-improvement methodologies, and jitters-free public speaking. Having studied, researched and lectured in a wide variety of fields, from investing to finance to personal development, Rinkal often speaks to executives and staff of highly esteemed companies and to a wide audience, including young people, on topics of eminent importance, such as and professional development. She has provided training to many private companies and non-governmental organizations, in addition to performing high-level consulting assignments for several companies on strategic planning and leadership training.

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