Thursday, January 6 2022

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Beat the heat this summer with some of the best software, apps and tech offerings for work, play or travel. Discover these 4e July deals and save up to 90% on all apps and software. These are only available for a limited time, so act fast!

IMazing iOS Device Manager

This device manager makes it easy to control data on different devices with wireless data sharing and easy backups of each device.

3-year SurfShark VPN subscription

Surf safely with SurfShark no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It is the only VPN with unlimited simultaneous connections, keeping the whole family anonymous and safe online.

Get the 3-year SurfShark VPN subscription for only $ 67.20 (reg. $ 430) with the code SUMMER20.

CuriosityStream Lifetime Subscription

Get lifetime access to thousands of the award-winning streaming service’s best documentaries.

Get the CuriosityStream Lifetime Subscription for $ 159 (reg. $ 250) with the code SUMMER20.

Lifetime MyDraw subscription

MyDraw is the advanced vector graphics and design tool that lets you create blueprints, flowcharts, diagrams and more on Mac or PC.

Get the MyDraw: lifetime subscription for only $ 19.99 (reg. $ 69).

One year subscription to RoboKiller

Enjoy a year free of spam calls with Robokiller. It intercepts spam calls from over 500 million known scams and redirects them to an Answer Bot that wastes their time instead of yours!

Get the One year subscription to RoboKiller for only $ 29.99 (reg. $ 39.99).

Camtasia + 1 year of maintenance

Camtasia is the video authoring and editing software that makes it easy to create high quality professional videos and presentations without the need for a big budget or years of training!

Get Camtasia 2021 and a one-year bonus maintenance plan (this includes Camtasia 2022!) for $ 199 (reg. $ 299).

LightKey Lifetime Subscription

Never struggle to find words again with the world’s only real-time text prediction, grammar, and spell-checking software.

Get LightKey Lifetime Subscription for only $ 49.99 (reg. $ 169).

Tweet Ninja Lifetime Subscription

Automate your next social media campaign, let the ingenious Tweet Ninja reach, interact and engage with your target audience.

Get Tweet Ninja Lifetime Subscription for only $ 39.20 (reg. $ 540) with the code SUMMER20.

EasySplitter Pro voice remover

Take your DJ game to the next level with EasySplitter’s AI-powered tool, which can split any song into vocals, instrumental, drums and bass and let you play each one in real time!

Get the EasySplitter Pro voice remover for only $ 39.99 (reg. $ 599).

SurfShark VPN: 2 year subscription

SurfShark VPN lets you browse the internet without fear of hackers, ransomware, or surveillance. You can enjoy fast and safe navigation for your entire household for two years.

Get the SurfShark VPN: 2 year subscription for only $ 45.60 (reg. $ 56.99) with the code SUMMER20.

Scopio Authentic Stock Photography: Standard Lifetime Subscription

Scopio is Forbes’ streamlined stock photography company that opens up the world of stock photography to a wide range of new global perspectives.

Get Scopio Standard Lifetime Subscription for only $ 29 (reg. $ 3480).

Mashvisor: lifetime subscription

Mashvisor gives you an analysis of the investment potential of rental properties that are for sale anywhere!

Get the Mashvisor Lifetime Subscription for only $ 39.99 (reg. $ 1,499).

Beelinguapp: lifetime subscription

Learn a new language by listening and reading in no time with the Beelinguapp audiobook style language learning app.

Get Beelinguapp for only $ 39.99 (reg. $ 100).

Matt’s Flights Premium Plan: 1 year subscription

Get out of town with a one-year subscription to Matt’s Flights, offering great deals on flights all over the world!

Get the One-year subscription to Matt’s Flights, for only $ 29.99 (reg. $ 97).

LingvaNex translator: lifetime subscription (Bundle Desktop and Mobile)

Get the program that instantly translates text, sound, images, websites and documents in over 112 languages, even your own voice!

Get LingvaNex Lifetime Subscription for only $ 79.99 (reg. $ 399).

Setapp: one year subscription

Let Setapp help you boost your productivity and finish your to-do list with a library of over 210 iOS and Mac apps. With programs that deal with task management, personal finance, Mac hacks, and more, this is a true lamp of genius apps.

Get the Setapp 1 year subscription for only $ 55.20 (reg. 119) with the code SUMMER20.

Blinkist Premium: 2 year subscription

Save time while broadening your horizons with Blinkist, the program that features 15-minute summaries of over 4,500 books! Thousands of best-selling learning books are quickly summarized for your convenience on the award-winning audio platform.

Get 2 year Blinkist Premium subscription for only $ 80 (reg. 383) with the code BLINK20.

ProWritingAid: Lifetime Subscription Package

Improve your writing with ProWritingAid, it’s a grammar checker, writing mentor and style editor all in one. More than a spell checker, it produces in-depth reports to strengthen your writing and prose.

Get ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription for only $ 160 (reg. $ 1899) with the code SUMMER20.

The world traveler pack

Go wherever you want with this pack; it includes a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, a 3-year subscription to Matt’s Flights Premium and the Travel Hacker Bundle 2021. Get language learning, cheap flights and inside information about the most popular destinations!

Get The world traveler pack for only $ 159.20 (reg. $ 1,784) with the code TRAVEL20.

12-month Tello Economy prepaid plan

This one-year prepaid subscription offers unlimited calling and texting with 1GB of data over 4G / 5G networks coast to coast.

Get the 12-month Tello Economy prepaid plan for only $ 79 (reg. $ 120).

BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Membership

Avoid the expense of a personal trainer, BetterMe Home is the app you need for exercise success. Personalize your plan with home workouts, meal plans, and trackers to make sure you’re progressing towards your goal.

Get the BetterMe Home Workout & Diet Lifetime Membership for only $ 39.99 (reg. $ 1200).

Degoo Premium: 10TB Lifetime Backup Plan

With all of today’s digital media and data, you need more storage than ever before, and Degoo’s cloud can give you 10TB of wireless and accessible storage. Make backups on all your devices and keep your files super-secure for life.

Get 10TB Lifetime Degoo Premium Backup Plan for only $ 89.40 (re. $ 149.99) with the code SUMMER40.

Silent private phone line: lifetime subscription

Create your own private phone line that keeps your real number hidden when communicating for work, dating or Craigslist sales with Hushed. No monthly fees and up to 1000 minutes or 6000 SMS per year.

Get the Silent private phone line: lifetime subscription for only $ 16 (reg. $ 150) with the code SUMMER20.

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