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Thomas Gilman is the world representative for the US 57kg team at the 2021 Senior World Championships. This preview of the 57kg World Championships will provide insight into Gilman’s career at the senior level and explore the careers of each. of its potential competitors in Norway.

Senior World Championships 2021

The Favorite – Thomas Gilman

After his performance at the Olympics, Thomas Gilman is clearly the favorite to win gold in Oslo. In Tokyo, Gilman appeared to be fighting better than ever and was seconds away from defeating World and Olympic champion Zavur Uguev. After the loss to Uguev, Gilman knocked out Gulomjon Abdullaev (11-0) and Reza Atri (9-1) to take bronze. The other three Olympic medalists will not compete at the world championships, leaving the door open for Thomas Gilman to improve his bronze to world gold.

Thomas Gilman (United States)


  • Olympic Bronze 2020

  • Global Money 2017

  • Pan American Bronze 2018

  • 2014 World Junior Bronze

Watch Thomas Gilman advance to the 2017 World Final with his victory over Jong (KOR):

The pretenders

Although Gilman is clearly the favorite after the Olympics, there is a strong group of contenders at 57kg who are capable of winning gold. Suleyman Atli tops the list and has already won a victory over Thomas Gilman at the 2018 World Championships. After Atli there are two promising youngsters in Gulomjon Abdullaev and Abubakar Mutaliev. Although Abdullaev did not participate in the Olympics, he already won Olympic silver – Ravi Kumar and Olympic bronze – Nurislam Sanayev. Abubakar Mutaliev will replace Zavur Uguev as Russia’s representative in the 57 kg. Mutaliev won bronze to Russian nationals in March 2021, losing only to Uguev. Mutaliev also has 2 head-to-head wins against Thomas Gilman in October (10-8 at the Intercontinental Cup) and December 2019 (2-1 at Alans).

Gulomjon Abdullaev (UZB)

Suleyman Atli (TUR)

Atli’s victory over Gilman:

Victory of Abubakar Mutaliev over Thomas Gilman of the Alans 2019

Black Horse Group

The “Dark Horse” wrestling group is a mix of young talent looking to win their first world medal and veterans who may be past their prime. On the older side are Bekhbayar Erdenebat and Aryan Tsiutrin. Erdenebat is a two-time world bronze medalist who has won numerous field competitors including Afghan Khashalov, Aryan Tsiutrin and Suleyman. The aforementioned Tsiutrin is a former Russian who won bronze at the Russian national championships three times before being transferred to Belarus in 2021. Although Tsiutrin has been competing at the senior level since 2014, he has his first chance to wrestle at the senior world championships. . Tsiutrin is a dangerous competitor and has already won victories over Olympic medalist Nurislam Sanayev with Afghan Khasalov, Alireza Sarlak and Gulomjon Abdullaev.

The youngest team at 57 kg is made up of Toshiya Abe, Afghan Khashalov and Alireza Sarlak. All of them have shown they can challenge the best in the world, but have yet to win a medal (or, in some cases, even compete) at the Senior World Championships. Toshiya Abe could top the list of young wrestlers at 57kg. The young Japanese wrestler was behind world champion Yuki Takahashi and Olympic silver Rei Higuchi. American fans may remember Abe from his victory in the 2019 World Junior Final against Vito Arujau (3-2).

Bekhbayar Erdenebat (MGL)

  • World bronze 2015 and 2017
  • Gold at the Asian Games 2018
  • Gold at the 2015 Asian Championships
  • World Junior Gold 2012

Erdenebat victory over Suleyman Atli at the 2017 Worlds:

Alireza Sarlak (IRI)

  • 2019 World Under-23 Gold
  • Asian money 2021

Toshiya Abe (JPN)

Victory for Toshiay Abe over Vito Arujau in the 2019 World Junior Final:

Aryen Tsiutrin (BLR)

Victory of Aryan Tsiutrin over Alireza Sarlak in the 2019 World Cup

Afghan Khasalov (AZE)

  • 2021 Euro Bronze
  • U23 World Bronze 2019
  • 2017 World Junior Bronze

Victory for Khashalov over Aryan Tsiutrin at the 2021 European Championships:


If Thomas Gilman struggles at the same level he was a month ago at the Olympics, he should win a world title from Norway. I think Gilman will be successful at the world championships and show himself to be a level above the rest of the competition in this category. After Gilman, and depending on the draw, I expect Abubakar Mutaliev to make the most of his opportunity at the world championships and win a medal. If he’s up against Gilman, I think he’ll qualify for the final.

Gold – Thomas Gilman

Silver – Abubakar Mutaliev

Bronze – Toshiya Abe

Bronze – Soliman Atli

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