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In the men’s 25 km open water race, Péter Gálicz won the bronze medal at the World Aquatic Championships.

Péter Gálicz was a smooth third with a tremendous pursuit, the 22-year-old swimmer is the World Championships bronze medalist with a gap of 13.9 seconds, Nemzeti Sport reports.

In the first half of the race, another Hungarian swimmer, Ákos Kalmár, was in the lead for a long time, but over time the pace of the race made him fall back. He managed to rally several times, which meant he didn’t fall behind the peloton. He looked like he could fight for a medal, but in the last kilometer he didn’t have enough energy to continue.

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The 22-year-old Hungarian junior champion, Gálicz, was stuck in the peloton for a long time, but as the kilometers went by, he came back up. It reached Kalmár and then passed it.

Gálicz then rode a fantastic race, and although he couldn’t catch Italian world champion Dario Verani and former world champion Axel Reymond, he managed to win the bronze medal in a thrilling performance and relaxed.

I was ready to come and say in the interview how happy I am to be sixth or eighth…”,

said Gálicz, the new bronze medalist of the World Championships.

I am extremely grateful to everyone, starting with those who sat for those five hours in front of the TV… Thanks to my coaches, to my colleagues, without them this success would certainly not have taken place. Many thanks to my parents who supported me in everything and encouraged me on the spot. I hope my grandmother was watching too, I send her the message: We did it Grandma, we did it!

He continued: “And I would like to say a huge thank you to another person, Dániel Székely, who unfortunately stopped swimming. He was there for all my races, he always helped me. I swam with my current goggles just for him, so Danika, if you hadn’t trained with me for three years, I wouldn’t be here!

The race was won by Italian Dario Verani. Kalmár finished in eighth place, while Hungary’s Réka Rohács also finished eighth in the women’s category.

Sources: Nemzeti Sport, Index

Featured image via Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI


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