Wednesday, September 14 2022

By Morissa Lindsay

The National Sports Council (NSC) is in the process of opening its newly refurbished gymnasium located at Garfield Sobers Complex. It is expected to officially open in September, said Dave Williams, who is in charge of
daily activities.

A personal trainer for 15 years, Williams said the NSC gymnasium has been open for a few weeks and has been helpful to staff members, but will be open to the public in a month.

“This gymnasium is in my opinion a good idea and it is very useful for the staff members, but I think that in September it will be open to the public,” explained William.

He also shared that a national gymnasium is extremely helpful in national athlete development.

“I think it’s great for the public because over the last few years we’ve had chronic disease issues with diabetes and some heart issues. So if Barbados could bring together some of the gyms on the island to make active and mobile people, I think it’s a great idea.

He added: “For the past few weeks some guys from the tennis court have been coming in for a few afternoon sessions but most of the morning and evening it is run by the gym staff. We’ve had staff members come in and do their workouts, but it’s not really possible for fitness trainers to come in and participate in the workout yet.

As it stands, Williams and his team have been working for the past few weeks with young campers who aspire to get in shape during their summer vacation.

While sharing some of the daily routines they go through at the NSC gymnasium, Williams explained, “I became the head fitness and bodybuilding coach, so what we do in the morning is come and start camp at nine o’clock. So we do this for two hours, which also includes body resistance, body parts where we do legs one day, chest the next day, and shoulders and back.

Then later in the afternoon we have lunch, then we come back from lunch where the food is digested and then we do physical. The kids love the dodgeballs we play and it’s great because it keeps you mobile and fit.

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