Melbourne entrepreneur creates Geelong Women’s Business Club

Merrin Schnabel is a social media influencer, speaker, entrepreneur, mother of two handsome boys, wife, and life and business coach.

Merrin Schnabel



Melbourne, Australia, October 6, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Merrin Schnabel is a social media influencer, speaker, entrepreneur, wife, mother of two adorable boys, and a life and business coach. She founded the Geelong Women’s Business Club with the intention of empowering women to be the best versions of themselves and succeed in their respective industries through networking and creative cooperation with other members.

As an entrepreneur, she successfully launched the fashion company ByMerrin, which offers fashion pieces, caftans and sarongs, as well as The Inspired Health Company, which focuses on providing high-end exercise products. quality. The versatile entrepreneur uses his platform to pursue his life goal of bringing love, peace and harmony to the world and helping others become the best versions of themselves.

Schnabel began a spiritual journey a few years ago, eager to find her true purpose, and it was then that she recognized that she wanted to be of service to the world and help people. Schnabel saw an opportunity to use her platform and founded the Geelong Women’s Business Club. Through this, she can raise awareness, serve as a leader who inspires and empowers others to do more, succeed in what they do and achieve a work-life balance.

The Geelong Women Business Club hosts big live events in Australia to motivate women to reach their full potential. They can walk away from the event with so much information and insight that they can achieve success and manifest wealth.

Schnabel also spent a lot of time in the modeling and theater industries. She has always been interested in beauty, fitness and well-being. It is the driving force behind the ByMerrin collection (luxury section of sarongs and caftan fashion pieces) and The Inspired Health Company. She wants people to feel good about themselves and to look good.

Additionally, her responsibilities as a speaker, coach and influencer on social media have evolved organically as she is seen as a leader and well-known figure, role model and ambassador in her chosen industries. Schnabel also enjoys producing material. She has worked with many amazing companies including Mercedes-Benz, Mecca and YSL, to name a few.

The multi-talented entrepreneur constantly innovates, develops and progresses. His greatest desire is to share his amazing work with the world, to be a global leader and to help people grow as individuals. She very much wants the Geelong Women’s Business Club to develop and promote its message both locally and internationally.

About Merrin Schnabel: Merrin Schnabel is a skilled businesswoman, social media influencer, speaker, entrepreneur, mother of two adorable boys, wife and Melbourne-based life and business coach, in Australia. She has successfully launched a fashion line, ByMerrin, which offers caftans, fashion pieces and sarongs, as well as The Inspired Health Company, which focuses on providing high quality exercise products. Schnabel was also the founder of the Geelong Women’s Business Club.

It is entirely dedicated to humanity and to philanthropy. Schnabel has worked with several nonprofit organizations to help and empower communities. Her main desire is to always have a positive impact on the lives of others and to give back to the community.

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