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Health and fitness have always been important to the Duchess of Sussexand when it comes to improving her practice game, the royal is serious.

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Meghan’s former personal trainer Craig McNamee has previously said women’s health: “Meghan Markle’s fitness is definitely a priority; she’s very focused on her health. When she hits the gym, there’s really no complaints.” The Duchess’ fitness repertoire includes everything from yoga to running, weightlifting to boxing – and she’s been trained by some very hardcore PTs.

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When you think of the royal family, ‘champion boxing’ might not immediately come to mind, but it turns out Prince Harry’s wife is not just a fan of the sport, but that she has already been trained by Jorge Blanco, Drake’s personal trainer and Chris Hemsworth. Impressive, right?

Talk to vanity loungethe Spanish national kickboxing champion said: “I coached Meghan when she was in Toronto while filming the show. Combinations.

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The Duchess trained in martial arts for her role in Combinations

“We did a bit of martial arts, a bit of boxing and sometimes kickboxing. I never really thought she could end up being a princess! I had a great time training with her because she’s super nice and speaks Spanish, with an Argentinian accent.”

There’s no denying that the Duchess boasts an enviable lean physique and a regal ‘glow’, no doubt attributed to her balanced approach to health and wellness. Eager to emulate his badass workout routine, I decided to try a boxing class at CUT in Mayfair, here’s how it went…

What is the JAB?

Based in Mayfair, JAB has quickly become a cult following within the London fitness scene. Promising high-intensity workouts, fueled workouts and an electric boxing-fueled community, the London studio is the perfect place to get your first boxing workout.

JAB is a new boxing studio in Mayfair

Founded by George Veness, who grew up in the East End and first joined a boxing club aged six, JAB brings authentic boxing trainers to the fitness industry, teaching people to improve, have fun and feel independent thanks to his training philosophy. .

What does JAB boxing training look like?

It turns out boxing isn’t just about throwing punches. There’s a deceptive amount of core strength and muscle power needed to power your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, not to mention the sharp mental focus needed for quick reaction times.

“Sessions” at JAB focus on the fundamental skills needed to become an elite boxer. AKA six rounds of hardcore bag work followed by six rounds of killer floor work.

I Tried An Intense 12 Round JAB Boxing Workout

What did I learn trying Meghan Markle’s workout routine?

I walked into my first Meghan-inspired workout as a complete boxing rookie, and was quickly reminded of my inexperience when I suddenly realized my legs and arms were moving in the completely opposite direction to everyone in the class.

The fact that the Duchess is trained in both kickboxing and martial arts is truly impressive to me, especially now that I know how hard it is to keep up with the fast, high-intensity pace of a killer boxing workout.

Meghan isn’t the only royal with an interest in sports. Prince Harry also revealed his emotional ties to the combat sport in April 2017 during the first episode of the Mad World podcast. In order to get his grief and “many breakdowns” under control, the Duke said he took up boxing.

Prince Harry is a fan of boxing to improve his mental health

“Everyone was saying boxing is good for you and it’s a really good way to let the aggression out,” he said. “And that really saved me because I was about to hit somebody, so being able to hit somebody who had pads was definitely easier.”

There’s no denying that boxing is a great way to release stress and tension. I left the class feeling extremely energized and clear-headed, although I experienced severe muscle burns.

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If you’re looking to challenge yourself with a royal-inspired workout, I’d definitely recommend boxing. Be warned though, push yourself too hard and you’ll end up with a serious case of delayed onset muscle soreness… Sincerely, a HELLO! writer who had trouble walking the next day!

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