Tuesday, November 22 2022

“Sure. She should put me on the committee. That would be great,” Greene told CNN.

Greene’s interest in a select committee seat is likely to create a new irritant for lawmakers hoping to get to the bottom of the attack on the U.S. Capitol. In recent weeks, Greene has joined with other conservative Republicans in making unfounded claims that the far-left antifa movement or the FBI may have been somehow involved in the riots in the 6th. January.

CNN has contacted Pelosi’s office for comment.

Although he has been repeatedly questioned by CNN about the new false flag theory, promoted by Fox News and right-wing websites, that the FBI orchestrated the deadly assault on Capitol Hill, Greene, who has l habit of disseminating conspiracy theories, offered no supporting evidence.

“There are all kinds of people involved in the riots. There are people in black clothes. There are people with red hats,” Greene replied.

“Look, there are questions to be answered,” Greene finally added, after repeatedly insisting on the baseless theory, which is another example of right-wing figures deflecting responsibility from supporters of the former president. Donald Trump, who were captured on body-worn camera footage by police during the riot. Federal investigators have indicted hundreds of Trump supporters over their involvement.

The GOP Fire Mark said it would be prepared to accept that the FBI had no role in the insurgency, provided the office provides evidence demonstrating its lack of involvement.

“If they say they weren’t and prove they weren’t, then of course I would,” Greene said.

CNN has also contacted the FBI.

Greene has at times appeared sympathetic to the Jan.6 rioters, saying they were confined to Washington, DC area jails, awaiting trial.

“They are being held, some of them, in solitary confinement almost 24 hours a day in the prisons here,” Greene said twice in the interview.

The judges kept them in jail pending trial of the Capitol rioters whom they considered threats to public safety if they were to be released. The majority of those accused of the Capitol riots are not in prison at the moment. Those still detained are largely those accused of violent crimes and leadership roles in planning the siege. But coronavirus precautions and the infamy of the riot has caused the prisons to keep some of the accused separate from other prisoners, they are not technically in segregation.
Greene, along with most other Republicans in the House, voted against creating an independent commission to investigate the attack on Capitol Hill after a bipartisan deal was reached for a panel with equal representation and power to ‘assignment.
Pelosi announced Thursday that she would create the select committee after Republicans blocked the formation of the independent commission. The select committee will bring together the various House Democratic inquiries into the events surrounding the deadly insurgency in a single effort to examine what led pro-Trump supporters to violate the Capitol and disrupt the certification of President Joe’s electoral victory. Biden in November 2020. While Republicans accused Democrats of continuing to investigate events for political reasons, Democrats insisted that a definitive investigation must be undertaken, especially since some Republicans – like Greene – tried to downplay the violence that took place or spread conspiracy theories about who carried out the attack.
The congressman recently apologized for one of her most outrageous comments comparing mask requirements on House floors to the Holocaust.

But Greene pushed aside the idea that she should choose her words more carefully.

“I think you should think about choosing your words more carefully,” she told CNN.


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