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PUNE: Indian shooters topped the medal tally at the recently concluded ISSF World Junior Championships with 40 total medals, including 16 gold, 15 silver and 9 bronze. However, to put it in perspective, only 10 of those 40 medals were won in Olympic events. Of these 10, three are gold, six are silver and one is bronze.
Out of 85 shooters sent by India, 58 were entered in Olympic events and 27 went to shoot only in non-Olympic categories. Of the 39 events in the Lima event, only 15 were Olympic events.
It is learned that the cost of a gunner’s participation approached Rs 4.5 lakh and that the National Rifle Association of India and the Sports Authority of India have authorized the trip, l Sending shooters to non-Olympic events makes little sense.
Although not included in the official medal tally, India has won five medals in events that no other country has participated in. The men’s double trap event had three participants, while the women’s category had four who were all Indians. To consider it a world level event there should be at least 16 fencers on the field and if there are fewer medals are labeled as Grand Prix medals even if they are won in a competition global.
“It’s an absolute waste of money. The money spent on this trip for shooters competing in non-Olympic events could have been used to hire a good coach and train at least 100 young shooters,” said Ronjan Singh , former double trap world champion. Sodhi told YOU.
The world championships did not feature some of the most powerful shooting nations including China and Korea.
When asked if sending shooters to such events helps shooters in any way, Sodhi said: “There is no match pressure, it’s like a shootout. training abroad. What will shooters learn when there is no competition, “he added. .
NRAI officials could not be reached for comment.

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