Wednesday, September 14 2022
Deanne Criswell, FEMA Administrator was the keynote speaker at a press conference announcing the launch of National Preparedness Month on the campus of Howard University.

WASHINGTONA delegation of emergency management professionals joined dozens of Howard University students on the job site yesterday as Howard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hosted a historic launch event for National Preparedness Month.

Howard is the lead institution for a nationwide coalition of historically black colleges and universities seeking to work with the agency to support disaster preparedness in African American communities. FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell hosted a morning meeting with students and was the keynote speaker at an afternoon press conference, pledging FEMA’s commitment to saving lives under the awareness campaign theme “A Lasting Legacy “.

“This theme centers on the dedication of Black and African American communities to creating and protecting a legacy for future generations,” Criswell said. “The message is: the life you have built is worth protecting.”

National Preparedness Month is a celebration held each September to raise awareness of the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could strike at any time. Howard is the first college or university to host a national launch event for the annual campaign. To honor the partnership, FEMA has produced a special public service announcement featuring Howard students, which will be featured as part of its campaign.

“It’s a day to honor collaboration, but it’s also a symbolic gesture of caution,” said Tachni Dubroy, PhD., executive vice president and chief operating officer of the University. “Howard, like many campus communities across the country, knows well the pain associated with the impacts of natural and man-made disasters. We welcome faculty and students from all corners of the world who come to Howard with the aim of transforming their lives into solutions to the geopolitical, ecological and economic factors that impact environmental vulnerability.


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