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FINIS-sponsored athletes represent their countries, break world records and win medals at the Olympics

FINIS Inc., announced that its FINIS Smart Goggle, Powered by Ciye ™, a revolutionary goggle that allows swimmers to see their split times and results in real time, has been instrumental in
help Olympians train and win a medal at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. The FINIS smart glasses is a tool for novice swimmers to lifeguards, casual swimmers to club swimmers of all ages, and world record-holding Olympians and Paralympians, as they train for their strokes and international competitions.

“Congratulations to all the athletes on our FINIS 2020 team at the Tokyo Summer Olympics! ” noted Jean Mix, Founder and CEO of FINIS Inc. “We are delighted that FINIS products have helped athletes around the world excel in their training efforts and perform at their highest level. FINIS is particularly proud to collaborate with the Olympic athletes, medalists and world record holders of the FINIS team.

CIYE Smart Goggle is a “game changer,” says James Guy, OLY; Photo courtesy: FINIS

Great Britain swimmer and World Champion, Jacques Guy, was the most decorated FINIS athlete at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, reaching the medal podium three times, including winning gold in the men’s 4x200m freestyle, breaking the world record in the mixed 4x100m medley relay (gold) and the silver in the 4x100m men’s medley Relay.

“FINIS products are essential in helping me train to my full potential,” said Guy, “The FINIS Smart Goggle is a game-changer. Being able to see my split times to tenths of a second at each turn allows me to maximize my performance. Seeing my finish times in the glass of my glasses without having to look at the stopwatch is invaluable for my training for competitions.

FINIS athletes who competed in the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics include:

  • James Guy (Great Britain) – Men’s 200m butterfly; 4x200M men free
    Relay; 100m butterfly men; Men’s 4x100m Medley Relay – 2 gold, 1
    Silver (plus world record)
  • Meg Harris (Australia) – women’s 4x100m freestyle relay; Women’s
    4x200M Freestyle Relay – Gold including world record and Bronze
  • Olivia Smoliga (United States) – Women 4x100m Freestyle Bronze
  • Zach Harting (United States) – Men’s 200m butterfly
  • Cameron McEvoy (Australia) – men’s 4x100m freestyle relay; 50 m men
    Freestyle – Bronze
  • Brent Hayden (Canada) – Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay; 50m freestyle men
  • Tristan Hollard (Australia) – 200m backstroke men
  • Gabriela Santis (Guatemala) – 200m freestyle women
  • Henri Schoeman (South Africa) – Men’s Triathlon

“FINIS smart glasses are so smart that they will become the gold standard for swimmers, just as smartwatches have become for competitive runners and fitness enthusiasts,” Guy added.


Courtesy of: Rob Carter, FINIS


Courtesy of: Rob Carter, FINIS

Founded in 1993 by the Olympic swimming champion, Pablo Morales, and former college aquatics athlete, Jean Mix, FINIS Inc. is an international swimming company that designs the highest quality, premium products to help swimmers of all ages and abilities learn to love swimming and improve their skills for life. Through its commitment to product innovation, education and community, FINIS helps advance the sport of swimming while making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

FINIS introduced the monofin to the United States market. Today, FINIS monofins are used around the world by Olympic champions and ambitious mermaids. The original swimmer’s snorkel, an invention of FINIS, is used by more than a million people worldwide and FINIS was the first to use advanced bone conduction technology to deliver underwater music through products such as Duo and Amnis Stream. Their latest product, the Smart Goggle, continues a legacy of firsts in the swimming industry. FINIS offers a wide selection of swimwear, training equipment and
electronics for children and adults.

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