Debt consolidation simulation in Wavre


Enjoy every moment. Travel, projects, purchases of novelties and opportunities have no secrets for you. However, you may feel overwhelmed by the management of your current personal credit.

Vixoloan offers you an ideal solution to remedy this. You can now redeem personal credit. A debt consolidation is all your outstanding loans in a single credit.

Calculate your credit redemption in Wavre

Calculate your credit redemption in Wavre

You facilitate the administrative management of your current loans and no longer repay a monthly payment negotiated by loan but a single monthly payment. This management solution will simplify the management of your current loans. With debt consolidation, you will be able to renegotiate your interest rates and save money.

What is the purpose of a loan consolidation in Wavre?

Loan consolidation is a loan that consists of collecting several loans of a different nature into one loan. This saves money because the annualized overall rate is renegotiated downwards and the duration is increased. Monthly payments will be reduced in this way. The collection of debts makes it possible to define a new credit agreement with a longer duration, a single rate and a smaller monthly payment.

The advantages of the debt consolidation in Wavre

  • Reduce the amount of monthly payments
  • Lengthen the debt repayment period
  • Anticipate a fall in income (unemployment, job loss, illness, death, etc.)
  • Closing the end of the month

Credit Cluster: Warnings

Many ads on the debt consolidation focus on the benefits of this financial solution. But even if the debt consolidation represents a lot of advantages, it is not enough to simply cancel the fact that it reduces the monthly payments or to obtain a lower debt ratio.

You must also take into account the risks involved in the consolidation of credit: if your monthly payments are reduced, the repayment period will be systematically considerably longer. In the case of a mortgage consolidation, the bank requires collateral. In case of difficulty in repayment, you may see your property sold.

Vixoloan offers you some of the best online debt consolidation organizations in Belgium and Luxembourg. Make the debt consolidation simulation that suits you and determine the interest rate or the negotiated monthly payments if this operation may be of interest to you.