Saturday, November 27 2021

With a truckload of donations, The Purple Project, a San Diego-based nonprofit that provides support programs to domestic violence shelters in need, traveled last week to the Santa Clarita Valley in Child & Family Center.

Diapers, wipes, towels, newspapers and more were donated, providing much-needed supplies at the Child & Family Center’s 30-day crisis shelter, used to house people and their children fleeing domestic violence, while providing crisis intervention as well as group counseling and education.

“They come from everywhere, at all stages of coming out of these relationships,” Leah Parker, Child & Family Center outreach specialist, said of the shelter’s clients. “Sometimes they don’t come with anything, so these gifts really give us the opportunity to provide for their most basic needs and what they need to start the healing process.”

Funds for the donation were aggregated from The Purple Project’s recently published cookbook collaboration, “Winning Recipes: By America’s Finest Athletes and The Purple Project,” which features recipes composed by 40 of America’s greatest athletes. , many of whom have competed in the Olympics, Special Olympics and Paralympics and World Championships.

Krysta Warfield, left, program director of the Domestic Violence Program at the Santa Clarita Domestic Violence Center and Olympian Anita Alvarez roll a cart of items donated by the Purple Project to Child & Family Santa Clarita Center on Thursday 102221. Dan Watson / The Signal.

“Food brings people together and sport does the same, so with COVID-19 and the tensions so high, I wanted to create a fun way where people could do good in the world, especially with the rates of domestic violence. so high in the pandemic, ”said Jordan Conole, founder and executive director of The Purple Project, adding that each athlete has chosen their own recipe.

Among the athletes who participated in the cookbook was Olympian Anita Alvarez, a synchronized swimmer who was seen unloading donations at the Child & Family Center last week.

“It’s one thing to put the cookbook together, but then get the supplies and now look for the next thing they can do, and the next thing is what amazed me because it doesn’t stop.” Alvarez said of The Purple Project’s ongoing efforts.

Alvarez said she is always looking for ways to help others in need and that as an athlete that is the least she can do.

Krysta Warfield, left, program director of the Santa Clarita Valley Domestic Violence Center accepts a cart full of items donated by Olympian Anita Alvarez, center, and Jordan Conole, founder and executive director of the Project Purple at the Child & Family Center in Santa Clarita on Thursday, 102221. Dan Watson / The Signal.

“We have a certain status of elite Olympic athletes, and I think it’s really important for us to give back (because) there are so many people supporting us on our journeys and through our challenges to achieve our goals, which are so small compared to the challenges others face, so it’s the least we can do for everything everyone else does for us, ”Alvarez added.

“The shelter is very expensive to run, so any donation that eliminates the extra costs is valuable,” added Krysta Warfield, director of the domestic violence program at the center.

During the pandemic, funding for the shelter was cut by more than 25%, making every small donation all the more important, Warfield said.

Olympian Anita Alvarez, Purple Project Founder Jordan Conole and Volunteer Samantha Olivas, left to right, seek donations for the Child & Family Center on Friday, October 22, 2021. Emily Alvarenga / The Signal

“It’s what keeps us running,” Warfield said, gesturing to the cart loaded with donations. “There has been such a drastic change in the world right now… so being able to meet basic customer needs and just being able to stay on budget is very important to us and it has come at a very crucial time. for us. “

The Child and Family Center shelter is connected to a 24/7 emergency phone line, which can be reached by calling 661-259-HELP (4357). To learn more about the centre’s most needed donation items, visit “Winning Recipes: By America’s Finest Athletes and The Purple Project” is available for pre-order at, whose proceeds will be used to support The Purple Project and its mission.

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