Bankruptcy of a travel agency. How to recover money?

In recent years, several large and several smaller travel agencies have collapsed in Poland. It put a lot of tourists in a bad position – problems with getting home, canceled holidays, stress are just some of the consequences. What should we do when the office in which we bought a trip goes bankrupt?

First of all, we should remember that the basis is to choose a good travel agency. It should have appropriate permits to operate and be in the register on the website. On holiday, it is also worth going to the office, which has a lot of good opinions on the internet. Remember, however, that even this does not guarantee that it will be solvent.

Unfortunately, as clients, we can not usually find out in which financial situation the travel agency is located. Information about potential bankruptcy belongs then to the most urgent ones. However, we can check the information in the National Court Register or debtors’ registers.


How to deal with the bankruptcy of a travel agency?

How to deal with the bankruptcy of a travel agency?

When the office collapsed before we left for vacation, there is nothing else to do but to accept the lack of a trip and fight for the money we paid. However, when we have gone on holiday and we are there, we should contact the resident. If the problems are serious, the embassy and the consulate will also help us.

We can also take advantage of the office of the marshal appropriate for the seat of the travel agency. It is the marshal’s offices that most often organize trips for clients who have been “imprisoned” in other countries after the bankruptcy of a travel agency. Return of tourists to the house should take place within 48 hours.


How to recover money?

How to recover money?

Once we have returned home happily, we can make use of the right to compensation for us and to recover money for an unpaid trip or part of it when the stay has been shortened. Usually, however, this is not possible directly in the office.

We have the chance to recover the money in bankruptcy proceedings. We must then submit claims to him. However, it happens that recovery is difficult because the bankruptcy estate is not too much. So we should not be set for a quick return of money – things of this kind of stretch for several years.

We should therefore be careful where we buy a trip. A good, trusted travel agency is in this case the basis, because with him we can then make a safe and successful trip.


Or maybe an independent tour organization?


Of course, this risk can also be minimized when we organize our own holidays for a simple holiday. In this way, we can avoid this problem, but on the other hand, all organizational matters are on our heads.

Many people, however, decide to organize the trip themselves. Then, we can plan the tour ourselves and save, because we can choose such transport options, accommodation and attractions that will be within our financial reach.