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Athletics Canada on Friday released a list of athletes who will be part of the Canadian Athlete Performance Pathway (CMYP), an event that will allow them to earn their Sports Canada certification. You can’t get financing without it Approximately $ 30,000, net taxes, Which comes with a patent, explained Charles Filibert-Tibbottat, who has moved into his Quebec home.

Five athletes were selected in the development section of the cMYP (Aaron Ahl, Cameron Prosciutto, Charlie Donat, Kevin Robertson, William Paulson), but none were classified as senior on the Athletics Canada list.

Charles Filibert-Tibbottat said none of the athletes qualified for the World Championships. I walked 3:34 this year [3 min 34 s 43/100, le 25 juillet 2021, NDLR]. There was another athlete who scored 3:35 not far from me. And the other three walked 3:37 or less. This summer, I ran eight times in 3:37. None of these athletes beat me one on one.

Charles Filibert-Tiboutot

Photo: Bernard Bralt / Athletics Canada / Bernard Bralt / Athletics Canada

Justin Knight, the only runner in the country to be faster than him in the 1,500 meters this year, is the 5,000 meter specialist (7th at the Olympics) and did not run the distance in Tokyo. He is a 5000m runner who got his place in the cMYP.

Specialist in the 1,500 meters over this distance in the countryside, Charles Filibert-Tibbottat has been neglected for runners younger than him and has not yet reached his level of performance on the track.

Me, in my thirties, I am a veteran. They are between 20 and 28 years old, he continues. However, PPAC is looking to find out who are the top 8 athletes in the world at the World Championships or the Olympics. Their standards say that there are all kinds of statistics, results, statistics that can be used, but there is also a subjective aspect. But because they put the line of “subjectivity” in their selection criteria, they have the discretion to do whatever they want.

Three weeks ago, the Federation informed the athletes if they would be part of the cMYP for next season.

As long as we make a choice, Athletics Canada will give us reasons. Once I see the list, I can recognize many athletes on the list as if they were in the same boat. Like me, they told me: you didn’t make a personal best [dans la distance] When you went to the Olympics this year and last time you weren’t a finalist.

The reasons why we were not selected were given to us, but we realized that these criteria were not followed for the other athletes. We realize that it is clear that there is a lack of consistency between what can be in favor of an athlete and what can be unfavorable to him.

A quote from:Charles Filibert-Tiboutot

Charles Filibert-Thibaut decided to appeal. He has two weeks to prepare, in full, to give evidence. My call is almost 16 pages long, he explains soberly.

But on Friday, after a week-long process, the commissioner did not overturn Athletics Canada’s decision.

Although I have proven that my numbers are a day higher in the World Top 8 than many other athletes on the program, the commissioner said, “No matter how many numbers you bring, Athletics Canada is still there. They can use their own standards and they still deserve it.

The response I received to my call was that each athlete is assessed individually and that does not happen in relation to the others, he said. Therefore, it is not legal for me to compare myself to other athletes in the program. I feel a little misguided. There is still a limited number of resources compared to funding.

Track and field is always black and white. These are numbers, statistics. Why can’t I compare myself to them?

A quote from:Charles Filibert-Tiboutot

However, he will not take his case to the Sport Dispute Resolution Center (SDRCC) in Canada, which may hear another appeal from the athlete.

The High Performance Director of Athletics Canada is very good at what he does, so he is also very good at preparing his documents. His documents are protected and if there really is no bias or error, you have no chance of winning your appeal, admitted Charles Filibert-Thibaut. I can pull 30 pages of statistics to prove that I belong, they have the discretion and that’s stated in the standard. Unfortunately, therefore, I cannot dispute this.

Far from staying at the end of the roll

Although he missed the Tokyo games By not meeting the Olympic standard on time In his favorite discipline, especially due to an Achilles tendon injury, Charles Filibert-Tibbottat said he had his best track season with personal bests over 1500m: 1000m, mile, 3000m, 5000m and 10000m.

And fortunately after three weeks 1500 m in 3 minutes 35 seconds. Due to this performance, he had already qualified for the Athletics World Championships in 2022 and had designed his preparation to achieve his best performance at that time, which he said was an advantage over the others. Canadian athletes.

This means they have to hunt for the standard. They can’t plan their peak season in the world. They try to do it before they get their best time. They have to run less than 3:35:00 to get to the worlds, sucks, he stressed.

Charles Filibert-Thibaut also considers himself lucky under the circumstances. With the support of many sponsors, he is able to continue his education as an aspiring athlete without having to worry about retiring at the age of 30 due to financial stress.

But it’s not really the athletes who have the strongest financial sponsors in Canada., Athletics is in a hurry to showcase the person who represents the athlete in Canada.

Right now, I can continue to train, but it’s a zero-toll lifestyle. I can’t save money, I can’t put money in an RRSP. The rope is tight. There are a lot of athletes in my situation who have had their best time this year, but they are a little older and stressed for subjective reasons. These athletes who are not fortunate or the private partners that I have, they wonder if they can continue and if they have the finances to continue.

The situation he faces is not new, said Charles Filibert-Tibotot. Early in his senior career, when Nathan Brennan of nearly a dozen was the nation’s top distance runner, he finished first in the program in 23rd place.

Charles Filibert-Thibaut in the 1500m at the NACAC Championships

Photo: The Canadian Press / Chris Young

I’ve never beaten him in my life and he hit me every time we clashed, he recalls. I was glad to have the support, but I realized how meaningless it was. Things haven’t changed.

Charles Filibert-Tibbott confirms that famous runners like him occupy a key place in the sports pyramid.

One of the reasons I stay well and hit my mark is that a guy like Nat Brannen is raising the bar in my country. Right now what Athletics Canada is doing is to stop supporting all veterans who compete at a very high level and to raise and raise the level of competition to the national level.

For many of us Рif not for my financial partners Рthe door must be open: we no longer think you are good. You have to stop. But what happens when there is a performance gap between Andr̩ de Grosse and development, and there is nothing in between?

I’m fundamentally against it and it’s not yesterday and it’s not good as I didn’t think my funds would make it this year, he concluded.

Charles Filibert-Tibotot does not stop running. After a two week break in September, he has already resumed fall training. Without hard feelings. He doesn’t like to rush to lie to his confederation.

hip on my shoulder, si je m'entraîne et compétitionne avec ça, ce n'est pas dans ces conditions que je performe le mieux.","text":"Je me suis rendu compte que je courais le mieux quand je n'avais pas d'énergie négative qui me poussait. Moi, essayer de prouver que je vaux quelque chose, la fameuse expression Chip on my shoulder, si je m'entraîne et compétitionne avec ça, ce n'est pas dans ces conditions que je performe le mieux."}}">I run best when I don’t have negative energy. I, I’m trying to prove I’m worth something, is a popular C expressionHip on my shoulderIf I had trained and competed with him I would not have performed better in these situations.

At the end of the day, even if your federation has a little shovel to say – “you never thought you were going to do this” – I have to ignore it in training and in competition to the best of my ability.

And maybe, if he’s running at his best, Charles Filibert-Tibout will force the hand of Athletics Canada referees next year, having achieved the 1500m of his life in the world final. Find it too big to support it financially.


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