Saturday, July 2 2022

A statement had been released on Friday saying 19 members of the confluence state had impeached the president over alleged financial embezzlement and money laundering.

But the speaker described it as “pure work by some frustrated lawmakers as he asked where and when the alleged impeachment took place in addition to only appearing in a press release.

“Normally, I wouldn’t react to lies, but I think it’s necessary that I set the record straight so that the general public knows. ” said the beleaguered speaker.

Kolawole explained that the House, which adjourned on April 6, held an emergency session on June 17, during which four senior officers of the Assembly, including the Deputy Speaker, Ahmed Ahmed, were dismissed and three others suspended.

“Unfortunately, the very people who the malicious statement says impeached me were the same lawmakers with me in the House on Friday, June 17 who put their signatures on and confirmed the removal of key officers by vote.

“I believe their signatures have been forged. It was over a similar offense that key officers were removed and suspended for gross misconduct, including blackmailing House members on social media against Assembly rules and ethics.

“The fact is, impeachment of a legislator cannot be done outside the House, so where did they sit to impeach me?

“The question now is, how and when did this take place? Who has the power to open the Chamber when the Chamber is in recess or recess?

“According to house rules, only the president has the power to call a meeting once the house is on vacation.

“We had the Sallah break, combined with the election break for all of us to run our elections during the party primaries, so how, where and when did they impeach me?”


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