Wednesday, September 14 2022

With a pair of world champions, a teenage girl victorious in her first two fights and a fourth potentially on the way, the Lee siblings are firmly on track for ONE championship domination.

Two of them will return to the cage in Friday’s ONE: REVOLUTION at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, with Christian Lee defending his lightweight title against Ok Rae Yoon in the main event, while younger sister Victoria Lee looks to improve her growing reputation against Victoria Souza.

With older sister Angela Lee – the current ONE atomic weight champion – preparing to return after the birth of her first child, and younger brother Adrian Lee, a new national champion in the United States last month, he is easy to see why it is the excitement of what the quartet could achieve as a family.

But while he admits that he enjoys sharing the experience with his two sisters at the moment, Christian insists that there is no pressure to live up to what the other is accomplishing.

“I think it’s great that my two sisters and I can make a living from something that we love to do,” he told ESPN. “We work really hard to do what we love to do and, in turn, our hard work and our passion for our craft is what makes us known individually and as a whole family.

“… I have no doubt that Victoria will take her career even further than Angela and myself. I never want to compare myself to her, and I don’t want Victoria to compare to me. It’s just that we all share the last name, member of the same family, on our own journeys to similar success. “

While Angela and Christian have been side by side throughout their careers, Victoria had to use long distance calls to get advice from her older siblings when she made her professional debut earlier this year at just 16 years old – with the COVID-19 pandemic limiting travel and limiting entourage sizes.

Now 17 and with two submission wins under her belt, Victoria is thrilled to have Christian around as they battle on the same card this Friday.

“I think it’s going to be great to get on a plane with my brother, to have training sessions with him in Singapore – just follow him and see what he does during a week of fighting,” he said. she declared.

“I have changed a lot since my first fight. I have become much stronger not only physically but also mentally, and I feel I can handle and handle the pressure.

“Before this next fight, I’m just excited and I don’t even feel the nerves. “

Like Angela, Christian recently became a parent when her daughter was born in May. He admits that his outlook has changed with parenthood.

“Since I became a father, it has changed my life in every way,” said Christian. “Having my daughter in this world with my wife and I is going to be extra motivation for this fight.

“I used to fight for my personal goals. Now I fight for my daughter and her future, so it’s more than myself.”

So, with two highly motivated Lee siblings in action on Friday and one soon on the way home, how far away is the fourth potentially?

“My little brother is such a killer,” Victoria exclaimed of Adrian. “He’s just won his national championships – two-time national champion now, as well as a five-time world champion. I think he has the most junior credentials of all of us.

“He trains with my older brother, he’s the lightweight world champion. He’s so good for his age and he’s only going to get better.”


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