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Fans remember watching Paola and Russ Mayfield in Season 1 of 90 Day Fiancé, and since appearing on the show Paola has accomplished a lot.

Fans got invested in Paloa and Russ Mayfield’s relationship after watching the couple in Season 1 of TLC’s hit reality show 90 day fiancé. Viewers learned that Russ is an engineer living in Oklahoma City and Paola is from Columbia. While the couple had some issues, they got married and had a son named Axel.

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Paola is one of the most memorable 90 day fiancé cast members because she enjoys wrestling and regularly changes her hair color. While many fans enjoy following Paola on Instagram and keeping up with the changes in her life, there is a lot fans should know about this reality star.

ten Paola was in a short film

There were several 90 day fiancé scandals, but Paola has gone through many different career paths and it seems she is very focused on her ambition and success.

According to Heavy, Paola appeared as an extra named ‘High School Girl’ in the 2017 short titled Pax Masculina. According to the movie’s IMDb page, the movie was shot in Oklahoma.

9 Paola is a personal trainer

According to Soap Dirt, Paola is a personal trainer and she has meal plans and workouts on her website. Paola posted on her Instagram account in January 2020 that she had passed her test to become a nutrition coach and was successful.

Paola has a website called and she shares her credentials and philosophy. Paola wrote: “My goal is for others to recognize me for my hard work, dedication and love of fitness. I have never felt so confident and secure with my healthy and happy lifestyle.” Paola’s workout routines are affordable and typically cost around US $ 50, but sometimes go on sale for half that price.


8 Paola and Russ are on break

According to Us weekly, Paola and Russ shared in the summer of 2021 that they were on a “break” because the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic affected their marriage. They want to see a therapist and don’t think about divorce.

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Some fans aren’t surprised by this news, as Russ and Paola had issues with Paola wanting to live in Miami and be a model and Russ not always agreeing with that decision.

7 Paola has many different jobs

Before these 90 day fiancé the stars joined the show, they led interesting lives that fans should know, and Paola worked hard to be successful.

Nicki swift notes that Paola has many different jobs. She is a wrestler, model, personal trainer and Instagram influencer. She also teaches Zumba. Paola is also the mother of little boy Axel, whom she shares with Russ.

6 Paola has a few different degrees

Given that Paola works in several different fields, it makes sense that she has the education and training to support these passions.

According to Nicki swift, Paola is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has a Personal Training Certification from Body Design University in Georgia. Paola also attended the John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center and learned to model.

5 Paola has a YouTube channel

While it’s fun to follow reality TV stars or other celebrities on social media, it’s always good when someone has a YouTube channel as they can often give more details about their life.

Paola has a YouTube channel with 77,800 subscribers and she shares workout videos and a “a day in her life” video. She also has videos on why she enjoys the struggle and her process to become a U.S. citizen.

4 Paola continued to work when Russ was fired

sometimes 90 day fiancé couples seem mismatched and other times they stick together but have a lot of ups and downs.

According to Monsters and critics, someone criticized Paola’s various jobs on TikTok, and she explained that when Russ was fired she was still making money. Paola said: “He was fired again and guess who was there to save? Paola without a career with all the crazy things I do.”

3 Paola and her family lived in a motorhome

Ace TV Shows reported that Paola, Russ and their son Axel were living in an RV. The post noted that Paola said the closet was tiny in the motorhome and it would be difficult to fit all of her clothes in. Paola also opened up about this life-changing Instagram.

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If fans want to see more of the motorhome, they can check out Paola’s YouTube channel where she has a video on their mobile home.

2 Paola started to think about wrestling after watching a movie

While 90 day fiancé deals with serious matters, the couples who have appeared in the reality TV franchise are also open and honest about their dreams and the kind of work and life they want to lead.

In an interview with Ace TV Shows, Paola explained how she became interested in wrestling. She said she was in Colombia to see her family and she saw the movie Fight with my family which talks about wrestler Paige. Paola was inspired and said: “The way she speaks and behaves in the ring made me want to try that.”

1 Paola follows a vegan diet

In his interview with Ace TV Shows, Paola talked about going on a vegan diet, which Russ doesn’t. Paola said, I tell my husband if he wants to cook meat, he has to buy it himself.

If fans eat differently from their partner or the rest of their family, they can probably relate to that.

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