Saturday, November 27 2021

After two decades of running, my knees finally started to bother me after I started increasing my mileage to train for the half marathons. My physiotherapist gave me some exercises and told me to cut down on my running, but come on! I couldn’t stop running! I needed it for my sanity. But when the pain was so bad that even going down the stairs hurt, I was forced to stop and started to row instead. But I still had occasional knee pain. I came across this 10 minute workout for stronger knees from NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Jibby of Studio Jibby, and was shocked that after two weeks of doing it three times a week (which Jibby suggests ), my knees really started to feel better.

The first half of this workout is more of a stretching session, which targets the muscles around the knee, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Loved the relaxing quad stretch and the effective kneeling hip flexor stretch – they felt so good! Then the second half of the workout includes exercises that strengthen these muscles. I especially felt that the Quad Compression, Single Leg Glute Bridge, and Reverse Nordiques were the most effective in relieving my knee pain. I also loved the attention to strengthening my shins using the wall. If you are suffering from knee pain, running, weightlifting or whatever, it only takes 10 minutes, so it’s worth a try!

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